May 31st–June 1st

I did it. I made it. I’m on the next flight. It’s the big one. Literally it’s a big plane. Also a big flight? I’ll stop.

So the first plane landed in Philly around 8:10 at gate C13. This will be relevant in a moment. On my next ticket it says boarding for the next flight starts at 8:15…at gate A10.

Now I have been to this Philadelphia airport before. I don’t remember it, but I’ve been here. Because I don’t remember it, I don’t know where gate A10 is. I don’t foresee this as a problem because airports are known for their signage. (among other things I guess..) I’m sure there will be plenty of signs telling me where gate A10 is.

What I foresee being the problem is the distance between C13 and A10. Aaaaaaaannnnd I was right. It was like a mile away! JEEZUM.

And of course I have a very heavy backpack with things randomly clipped to it, along with a giant old bag that contains at least 35 pounds of camera equipment and shoes. ITS REAL HEAVY. And not easy to carry.

This is half of it:


So I have to book it over to A10, but of course I can’t “book it” cause I’m wearing 50+ pounds of stuffs all over me. Also I’m hungry and I don’t believe that there will be food on this flight…

(***I am currently writing this on the plane and they are handing out the food. CHICKEN OR PASTA?)

Anyways, I believed there would be no food. So I had to make a stop at a random place to purchase something quickly so I could make it to the gate on time. Of course the flight was delayed for about an hour, so I ‘booked it” for no reason.

I just had the pasta option for dinner. (On the plane.) It wasn’t very good but it came with a complimentary glass of wine, which of course made it much better. It is also helping the Nightquill Z pills I took a little bit ago KICK IN. So real nap/sleeping needs to happen. Next time I log on I will be in IRELAND!



I guess I suck at Sudoku


Boston to Philadelphia. Wicked short flight. I didn’t even get to properly nap. Not that I was planning on a proper nap but if I happen to start to nap on a plane I expect to wake up a significant amount of time later with a horrible crick in my neck and a very dry mouth. Not available on flight to Philly. Just so you know.

I sat next to a very nice man on the tiny plane to Philly. He had an intense beard/glasses/wise foreign man feel to him. Of course he had been to Ireland before and gave me some tips on withdrawing money at ATMS…which were contrary to what I had researched…so I don’t know what to believe. After discussing his many travels, we both settled into our personal (squished together) spaces to fill out the in flight magazine Sudoku. I decided to start with the easy side to see how easy they really were.

Consensus: Real easy.

The wise bearded man next to me dove right into the hard Sudokus (Sudoki?), but then fell asleep about half way through one.. I followed suit with the Sudoku. Even though the man was asleep, I was still self conscious of him seeing me attempt the hard Sudoku. This is because when I do Sudoku, I use the silly method of writing in the possible numbers for each box, in very tiny text, usually in pencil. It’s a very methodical way of doing it but it does take longer and it can get messy. Especially with a pen. So I attempted to forgo my trusted method and logically figure out each box without my tiny markings. And I have to say that I was doing PRETTY GOOD.

Until of course the man next to me woke up and proceeded to finish his Sudoku, as well as the next hard one, way before I even completed mine.

And by completed, I mean gave up.
I gave up because despite all my gleeful pride at my new found solving abilities, as I was very near to completing the puzzle, I realize that I placed two 4’s in the same column. I quickly glance over at Wise Man’s finished Sudoku to compare. Maybe I only messed up that one column, maybe I could fix this.

No. It’s bad. It’s real bad.

So that’s when I decided to take my Failure nap.

Which as I mentioned above, also turned out to be a fail.


This is Philadelphia if you couldn’t tell from the poor phone plane picture. Sorry I didn’t get an obvious skyline picture like the Boston one.


Friday May 31st @ 5:30pm Logan airport, Boston


I am currently sitting in the airport terminal B10, waiting till I can board my first flight at 5:45 pm. As of now that’s only 25 minutes away. I have been here for over an hour, since I got through security REAL fast. Then I got a sandwich from Au Bon Pain. I picked a very bright table to sit at for some reason. It looked nice as a I was approaching it, and maybe because I was toting two giant bags, a lemonade and a sandwich, my judgement was affected, because I didn’t foresee that the nice sun would become BRIGHT LIGHT directly in my eyes. Pretty picture tho..

Anyways. The BULLSHIT. I get out my computer in the terminal so that I could update me’ blog and possibly say a FB farewell to y’all. The Logan Airport wifi connected right away on my phone and my computer, so I didn’t give it a second thought. But as I tried to connect to gmail or any other site, it gives me this SECURITY ERROR message. It is all red and serious telling me NOPE.


The explanation for not letting me connect to other websites than their own, is that my communications are “possibly being intercepted by an attacker who is presenting a certificate for a different website”…………

What. What.

I think they are just being jerks.
So consequently, I am writing this blurp on my Stickies and will have to post it at a later date.

I’ve now struggled with this internet thing for so long that I believe I am boarding real soon.

I haven’t started freaking out yet. I mean maybe I did a little when my mom got that look on her face as we said goodbye outside the airport. It wasn’t even my time to freak out yet, but whenever parents get emotional, I can’t help it. If they think something is wrong/sad, then I have to think something is wrong/sad. This is obviously not true the majority of the time, but parting for two months at the airport is one of those exception moments.

I have yet to have my own personal freak out yet. And since I am only boarding the small plane that will be taking me to Philadelphia before the next real plane, I don’t think I’m going to freak out till then. I’d say I’ll keep you posted on when the real “freaking out” begins but the lack of internet connection will probably prevent that from happening. So when you read this, just pretend it hasn’t already happened. Plus five hours of a time difference..

Me and my boo in my boo coup ridin’

The Countdown.

When I was in high school, I would mentally prepare myself to prep for exams. I would decide in advance, on which days I was going to do what.

Monday: history. Tuesday: science. Wednesday: math and German. Thursday: English. Friday: break.
I prepped to prep. I got myself ready, to get ready.

At the end of this week I will be leaving for Ireland for the next three months.

As the weeks have been counting down towards my trip, I’ve been prepping.

I’ve made lists. Lists of lists, to be specific.

-Things I need to do.
-Things I need to bring.
-Things I should buy.
-Things I shouldn’t buy.

I decided to make my last day of work about a week before I leave, so I would have several free days to all the things I need to do.
Monday to Thursday, I’d use each day to get ready, last minute purchases, goodbyes to friends, emptying my room….etc
I’ve been preparing for two months now. So four entire days should be enough to pull it all together. Right?

Today is Monday. The end of Monday.
What did I prep today you ask?

My tan…..

No, that was not on one of my lists.

I FORGOT. I forgot that today was a holiday. That my roommates would be home. To distract me and to drink with me.
Yes, I have been at a music festival for two days, during which I consumed the amount of alcohol you lie to your doctor about.
And yes, I was hungover this morning.
We all were. Which is why we had to go to Canary to get burgers topped with eggs and bacon! We needed it.
Sangria too? Why yes, thank you, I would love some.
Blankets and beer in the sun seemed like the natural next step in our day.

Followed by a series of naps.

So, my list of things for Monday?
-Do nothing with friends. Check.

Poor planning? Probably.

Am I silently freaking out about all the planning and packing and lists and stuff and things, while also having stress dreams every night about my trip? YES. Yes I am.

But, it’s ok, because I am a pessimistic optimist.

I plan for the worst, while secretly expecting everything to be fine. This is my life view.
So by Thursday, everything has to be fine.

Despite all the inevitable panicking and complaining that will fill the next 36 hours.

Don’t worry Tuesday, I’ll do better.