What knight lives in that castle over there?

Yesterday I got to experience firsthand the filming of the “How To” videos that Easy Food puts out. The “How To’s” are basic cooking videos that show  how to do things like roasting garlic, boiling eggs, or even making simple stir frys. One of the locations that they film in is in Howth, a town north of Dublin right on the sea. And by location, what I mean is CASTLE:


Yup. There is a cookery school in a castle.


And that’s where we were yesterday. The kitchen was beautiful; modern appliances mixed with wooden counter tops, teal cabinets, assorted china, old cast iron tops and ovens.


The production crew for today consisted of Mark and Robin, two very nice guys who were great at what they do, as well as good fun to be around. Caroline seemed to sport the same distaste that I have at being in front of a camera, yet she delivered her lines with a practiced grace that seemed to appear from no where, only to flee away the second the shot was finished.


Mark and Robin were using a Canon EOS C300 camera to film the videos. Robin described it as the video equivalent to the Canon 5D. It was so amazing. They showed me what the feed looked like at F 1.8, the shallowest stop the camera could go to. The crisp detail surrounded by shallow depth of field was incredible. They also used a 5D to film from a different angle, and a second 5D to take still shots of the step by steps. This job eventually was handed over to me, so that the filming and still shots could be done at the same time. It was good practice for me, as Caroline and I will be starting our own “How To” shots later this week.
(Sorry to everyone who has no idea what all those numbers and cameras mean. Its basically just one of the best digital camera equipment around.)

More pics of said CASTLE:




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