Wednesday night, 9 pm. No internet to be found.

Things I have been pondering lately:

–Since they drive on the left side of the road in Ireland, is right turn on red not a thing? Doe this mean left turn on red is a thing?

–Just because I may half heartedly wash my dishes after I eat, doesn’t mean everyone else is doing this too right? The fact that we are all half heartedly washing the communal silverware and continuously sticking them in our mouths to start the cycle over again, should probably be more a of a concern to me.

-Is it bad that I pretend to have a slight Irish twang to my voice when I interact in daily activities with grocery clerks or bartenders?

-Who gets to decide which door gets painted which color? What if I want a blue door instead of a red door? Who do I talk to? Irish door painters?

–Reading while walking reminds me of young kids. I picture a nerdy boy with his nose close to the pages as he walks unaware down a street. A shy girl with pigtails clutching her book on the journey home. It is an activity that is seen as silly. Nerdy. Loner-ish?

I’m not a little girl. Yes I did wear my hear in pigtails the other day, but you try having hair shoulder length and thinking of creative things to do with it!!
What I mean is, I’m an adult. Sorta. I wear buttoned jackets and sunglasses and a leather purse. (ok its not real leather)
–So if I am reading as I walk down the street on my way home, does it cast the same stigma as the previously mentioned children?

I realize that I come off a little crazy as I walk home from the train, simultaneously reading and attempting to steer a straight line. Jim Gaffigan’s book, Dad is Fat, is making me look even more crazy because it forces uncontrollable spurts of laughter out of my mouth, as I read and walk my way home. There goes the reading girl. Oh and look she’s laughing to herself today….

My friend from work said that Her Friend from some where else, tweeted about Dad is Fat at Jim Gaffigan and then he retweeted it himself and liked it or whatever it is you can do on twitter. Maybe I’ll tweet at Jim Gaffigan too. He’s gotta like my tweet about potentially walking in to traffic and making myself look like a crazy person just so I can continue to read his book, right??


The internet pretends to be there, flashing its full bosom of bars at me, yet denying me actual internet connection.

It’s a good thing I didn’t go for the real rural experience out here or I know how I would be doing.

No. I take that back. If I was in a castle or on a farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere/Ireland, I would know that internet wouldn’t work, and therefore give up the need for it. Here however, IT SHOULD FREAKIN WORK. I can’t call the landlord lady though cause my Irish phone ran out of minutes. And I already called her yesterday to ask why the stove and oven weren’t working. (The fuse switch somehow was down? It took three Italians and a French guy to not figure out which switch it was. I did eventually once the Men were done.)

I’m not sure why being in Ireland has made me believe that the things I think about should be posted online for others to read. I don’t have all y’all back home to entertain me so apparently that leads to actual thinking. If you can consider musing about left turns on red and potentially germ infected dishes “actual thinking”.

This no internet thing is killing me. Its not just that it’s not working. Its that it LOOKS LIKE its working, but ITS NOT. Thats a lie. I don’t appreciate that.

I only have so many LOST episodes on DVD left. I can’t start again. that would be crazier than I already am.
(Sidebar: the ice cream I’m eating is melting alarmingly fast. Especially because I would say my room is slightly chilly right now.)


2 thoughts on “Wednesday night, 9 pm. No internet to be found.

  1. Musing about which way drivers will turn on red is quite important if one plans to read, walk, and cross intersections at the same time. I would image “Left turn on Red” could well be a thing. It only became a nation thing in the US with the gas crisis in the 1980s. Right on red is allowed in the US and Canada, but not Mexico. Wikipedia says that in the UK, left on red is only allowed where there is a sign.

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