Damn Right I Support It


1. My breakfast: a single cup of “ready to make” porridge. Basically like those instant oatmeal packets you just add water to, but in its own little cup. It tasted like a blueberry muffin! But in mushy form… That sounds bad but it was good, trust me.

2. Finding out that I get to assist a photographer with a wedding she is shooting in July. Irish wedding photography! I have always been pretty anti- “wedding photography”, mostly because the intense digital aspect of it, coupled with the anxiety of capturing one of the most important days of someone’s life. Also I REALLY HATE it when people find out that I majored in photography and then the next thing they say is “Oh cool, what do you do like wedding photography??” NO. No, I don’t.

But the idea of being an assistant to an Irish photographer at an Irish wedding sounds pretty awesome to me.

3. DOMA being declared as unconstitutional! You all knew that already though.

4. Learning more in InDesign at work. I have been pretty much doing busy work all week. Cataloging, yet also researching photo options for the September cover, as well as other inside photos. But today I got to pick options for photo layouts inside the magazine.


This was one of the pages I helped design today. And by design, I mean find, edit, and size the photo, as well as pick the colors. The layout was already made, so it was pretty easy…But it was more experience with InDesign!

5. Trying to find pantyhose on my route home. I went to two pharmacies, a convenience store, and a grocery store. Nothing. I MISS YOU CVS!!! But then the lady at the grocery store told me to go around the corner to the local SPAR, which I would basically equate to a classier 7-Eleven. Tights at a 7-Eleven? But after a quick walk around the sodas, chips, and processed food, there they were, a rack of pantyhose and tights. Success.

6. And the last part of my day: walking into the kitchen to see the French girl in my apartment, watching Pretty Little Liars on her computer. In French. It was great. Not that she took to my attempt to share a moment with her about our similar show watching, but OH well.


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