“Guinness Gets You Drunk”

For those of you who don’t know, that is the clever line that Brendan Behan, (an Irish poet and writer) came up with, as a possible new slogan for Guinness.


When Guinness approached Behan about creating a new slogan, he accepted the job on the condition that they send him a case of Guinness for every week it took him to write it. After a few weeks of no new slogan, the GUINNESS PEOPLE went to Behan to ask what was taking him so long, where was their slogan. At which point he slurring utters the insightful line: “Guinness gets you drunk.”

ImageThe Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is on the “List of Things to Do In Dublin” for tourists. And rightfully so. My family and I finally visited it this Sunday. The storehouse is a very cool place to wander through, reading the interesting facts and learning the process that goes into creating a perfect Guinness pint.




They even have a floor where they teach you the right way to pour a Guinness. Six steps, 119.5 seconds to settle, a few more to top it off and hand it steadily to the consumer. I didn’t get the lesson, the line was too long, but I saw them do it several times while I waited for my free Guinness at the top, and you know, I googled it…








I learned that a barrel actually refers to a standard size of measure of a set weight or capacity. What we consider barrels, are really just called casks. Along with a barrel, there are other sizes such as pin, firkin, kilderkin, hogshead, butt, and tun.




This is a big copper beer container that holds 172,800 pints:


Shannon and I getting our first tasters of Guinness on the way up to the top:Image


Finally at the top in Gravity Bar, the view was amazing.



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