Ring, Ring, Ring, BANANA PHONE

Life Cycle of a Banana


Over the last week or so I have been taking pictures of this banana as it ripened, to re create an original add for a client of Easy Food.

This is the original: (hopefully its ok that I posted this?)


In theory this is not hard to create at all, but unfortunately I had to dissemble my light box setup, lights, and camera each day. Because of this, I was not able to take each picture of the different stages from the same distance or angle every time.

But its ok, because I know how to use Photoshop! In my head I like to say each tool in a deep powerful voice as I use them: 

         TRANSFORM         CLONE STAMP        ROTATE          MASK          BRUSH TOOL 

IMAGE SIZE…… SAVE FILE… ok not those ones, I’m getting carried away.

Eventually, I was able to make all the stages match up. Text will be added to explain each stage of the banana’s ripening process and different ways to use the banana at the various points in its life.

I’m not sure if they will even use this for the magazine or not, but it was fun mini project to do!


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