The September issue of Easy Food magazine is finally out! I was lucky enough to add several random photographs to the magazine, as well as a full spread for their section called Reader Recipes. I’ve been freaking out about this for a little while now but I wanted to wait until the magazine was actually on sale and in public before posting these.


This is the cover. The idea was to find something that represented September, but was still somewhat summer-y, because Ireland only gets to enjoy so much of the summer sun. This is a Victoria Sponge Cake, which is layered with, of course, two staples of Irish cuisine: jam and cream.

(That’s my picture of a sandwich on the left!)


This is the layout I designed for the Digital Edition advertisement for Easy Food. By designed, I mean I picked the background picture off of a stock website, did minor photoshop edits to place an iPad template in the middle, and moved already existing text around to fit the space, as well as change the fonts. Oh and those little orange arrows, I found and edited from a stock site online. I didn’t know the design was going to be used though, because at the time It was just an opportunity for me to fool around with inDesign and spruce up the existing template. So it was pretty cool to see they decided to use it!


THESE are my photos! Caroline cooked these reader recipes and I photographed them. It was somewhat intimidating going into this shoot, because I knew beforehand that if they were good enough, they would put them in the magazine.

Image Image

Unfortunately the magazine physically prints out slightly yellow and less contrast, but the pictures look good in digital form! Although I guess all of our computers are different so what you see might not be what I’m seeing.. Just pretend they are beautifully color corrected, because they are, I swear.

Image Image

Caroline and I have also been doing a lot of “How To’s”, which are step by step shots of simple things people might not know how to make. The above was specifically for kids to make their own bread rolls,which could be used to make pizza sandwiches. Ham, pepperoni, and salami with mozzarella and pesto is not my idea of a good sandwich, but the rolls came out nice.

The step by steps we have been taking will eventually be made into a digital cookbook. Since I am leaving in a week, I doubt I will see the final product but its exciting to know that I am helping them start it.

Caroline stars in the Easy Food “How To” videos that are on youtube. I was able to go to the filming of some of these videos about a month ago. The two cameramen were really great guys and fun to work with. They eventually let me take some of the still shots for the step by steps, so that they didn’t have to stop filming to take the pictures. I’m not credited for these photos because it was their equipment and production company and I was just assisting. But out of the ones the magazine printed, these are the ones I took, so I don’t feel bad about posting them.


They also used one of my behind the scene shots! It’s of Caroline and the guys laughing (about something hilarious I’m sure, I don’t remember.)

Image Image

So that’s all I can claim in the September issue of Easy Food magazine. The fact that photographs I took have been published in a magazine, in my head, seems like a really big deal. But because no one I know is really here to witness it or even able to buy the magazine, it feels kind of lack luster. Also everyone here has been contributing to the magazine for a long time, so they are not as giddy as I am to see their work in print.

It is because of these reasons that I have decided to post these myself, so that



Ring, Ring, Ring, BANANA PHONE

Life Cycle of a Banana


Over the last week or so I have been taking pictures of this banana as it ripened, to re create an original add for a client of Easy Food.

This is the original: (hopefully its ok that I posted this?)


In theory this is not hard to create at all, but unfortunately I had to dissemble my light box setup, lights, and camera each day. Because of this, I was not able to take each picture of the different stages from the same distance or angle every time.

But its ok, because I know how to use Photoshop! In my head I like to say each tool in a deep powerful voice as I use them: 

         TRANSFORM         CLONE STAMP        ROTATE          MASK          BRUSH TOOL 

IMAGE SIZE…… SAVE FILE… ok not those ones, I’m getting carried away.

Eventually, I was able to make all the stages match up. Text will be added to explain each stage of the banana’s ripening process and different ways to use the banana at the various points in its life.

I’m not sure if they will even use this for the magazine or not, but it was fun mini project to do!