Hey Mr. D.J.

I’d like to believe that everyone has a list of guilty pleasure songs that would be very embarrassing if your iPod randomly shuffles to. For me, it’s the musicals. I’m definitely not a die hard “New York Musical” collector, but I do have a fair amount of musical albums. Whenever one of the songs pop up on my shuffle, I usually shamefully skip past it; as if the person next to me might be able to hear the jaunty tune slipping out from my headphones.
Sometimes I throw caution to the wind and quietly revel in the random musical ditty, enjoying the fact that no one knows what I am listening to.

There are moments however when a particular musical theatre masterpiece will come on and I will proudly blast it (in my headphones), pitying the people around me who can’t match this moment with this great song.
This morning as I walked along the canal, my iPod surprised me with none other than “The Circle of Life”. That song is never unwanted for me. As I passed the flowing water and reeds rustling in the wind I thought, “Well done iPod, well done.”


And as I turned the corner, after realizing how long my peaceful walk had taken me, my iPod rewarded me with PYT to enjoy as I hurried down the busy street to the train station. Mr. Jackson finished his song just in time for me to watch the train that I needed to be on, pull away from the station.


Next song, wise iPod shuffle?