None of my titles seem to have anything to do with the actual posts… I usually can’t think of one till the end and then I just want to post it so whatever pops up in my head next. And since I’ve been watching a lot of Lost lately…

I realized that I have been in Ireland for a week and two days now and I have yet to post about what I am actually doing here in Ireland. The fabulous internship that I told everyone about… WELLLLLLLLLLLLL:


Voila’! I am cataloging!

I am doing the things interns do at an office: All the things that the real workers can’t take the time to do because they have real things that need to get done.

Here’s the rundown: I am working for Zahra Publishing. They have three magazines: XPOSE, Easy Parenting, and Easy Food. I, of course, am working for Easy Food. Basically they want to have their own stock image data base, so they can stop buying them from stock sites online. That’s where I come in. Currently I am just labeling and organizing the images they have already bought so that they can find them later to use in the future. Soon though I will be taking generic photos of food on white backgrounds so that they can stock up (ha) on those types of photos. I am to be a stock photo chugging out machine.

Stuff like This:

Now I want pie.

At the end of this week however, the other American in the office, Caroline, and I will be bringing a whole bunch of food and supplies over to a kind Irish civilian’s house to use their kitchen. We will be testing out some “test recipes” and then photographing them. SO basically we get a bunch of free ingredients to go make a bunch of food in a stranger’s adorable Irish home and then take pictures of it. (Before eventually eating it…I hope.) The woman’s house that we are using is adorable. Below is a bad picture of the front, but she has pet bunnies on her lawn! I will try to sneak more photos of the inside once we are actually there. But I am very excited for that to start, even though it will tear me away from me incredibly important computer work.


Also more photos of one part of the office: