Pavlova, Pannacotta, and Me

On Thursday last week, Caroline and I went to a promotional event being held by Supervalu, which is one of the local grocery store in Ireland (imagine a Stop n Shop and Whole Foods combined).

Easy Food was invited to the event, so Caroline was attending as representative for the magazine and I was going along for the free food and drinks.
We had been cooking and shooting “How To” shots all day, before heading to the event, so we were both tired and not exactly looking our best. As soon as we walked into the hotel it was being held in, we realized this event was Kind Of A Big Deal.

A banquet room was filled with several small high and low tables, covered with white tablecloths, red napkins, and tiers of fresh fruit and cupcakes in the center. There was a large arrangement of many different breads and oils, several bowls of assorted salads and sides, and of course a large table of dessert options. Doors led out to an outside porch area, which held several grills and a long buffet table set with warmers. As soon as we entered the room we were met by a server with a tray of champagne and wine.

And we are both wearing jeans, big button up shirts, and carrying awkward bags with my laptop and camera inside.

We immediately attached ourselves to a high top table to stand at while we sipped champagne and ate bites of strawberries and raspberries. Eventually we were introduced to a few representatives of Supervalu, who were extremely nice and easy to talk with.


Supervalu is very much about promoting fresh, local Irish products. Almost everything they were serving was grown or made in Ireland. There were chefs at the event who were showing guests how to cook their fresh pre packaged meals of meats and fish and vegetables. It was very interesting to see Supervalu’s commitment to supply people with affordable, yet fresh, good quality food.

This was the menu options for the evening:


Overall it was a very fun event that I am glad we attended. It was a nice taste of the world of food and advertising events. Hopefully I will be able to attend more events like this during the rest of the time I am here.


My desserts! Raspberry pannacotta, berries trifle, and strawberry pavolova. AKA lots of cream.