List of Irish sayings and common words that I find weird and laugh secretly to myself inside my head about but no one else thinks is weird because they are Irish too:

“Thanks a million.” –yes we say this too, but they say it ALL THE TIME.

“You’re good.” –I don’t remember when they say this, but they do.

“Hi-ya”– Its just Hi…. but with a ya after.

“How ya gettin on?” — pretty self explanatory, but I often when I hear it I am like, what?

“Ok. Yah. Thanks a million. Talk to you soon. Take care. BYYIEEEE.” –the end of many phone conversations I hear in the office

“Grand” — I’ve decided to translate this into “wicked good”

“Brilliant”– “wicked awesome”

“Half 3” — 3:30

“For here or carry out?” — This is For here or To go. Yes I will be carrying out my food…to go..