Hello? Oh, Hey its Dublin Calling

My family (minus my brother) arrived in Dublin on Saturday morning. I met them at their hotel around noon. Their journey on Friday around 12pm eastern standard time to end around 9:30 am my time. Confusing time math aside, to them it felt like 4:30am. Needless to say after 16+  hours of traveling, they weren’t the most lively bunch. To add to their disorientation and general hit by a bus feeling, I promptly lead them out on a multi-stop search for an acceptable restaurant. Of course it was not my intention to clumsily drag them around in circles, but my intended restaurant (O’Neals) had online claimed to serve breakfast past noon, when in actuality it did not. Despite being a cool looking pub with decent sounding food, the atmosphere was not conducive to the jet lagged, (dare I say) older generation crew that I was towing around. I include my younger sister Shannon in this, because even after a full nights sleep she is still one of the most low functioning people I know.   (I MISS YOU, I REALLY DO)

On top of all that, my utter lack of Dublin city street knowledge was making things so much worse. Finally I realized I was right near the Dublin tourist center which sports many nearby pubs, restaurants, and ethnic food stops. After a couple more awkward stops we finally found a diamond in the ruff, know as the Green Hen, which is on Exchequer street.


Great interior: high stocked shelves of assorted bottles behind the bar right at the door, a small sitting area with tables under a low ceiling. A two landing staircase on the left leading up to more stairs.. I realize this building most have been a home previously. We entered another floor with several more tables in a bright calm room with  high ceilings. Perfect.

I thankfully sat down at the crisp white table and watched as my family dreamily filled in to the sunny room.


We all greedily enjoyed the food we were brought, as well as assorted drinks. Fried courgettes and onion rings in the middle. I ordered an appetizer of chicken and mushroom on a crostini.


Then a chicken burger that was slightly underwhelming, but were saved by their side of sweet potato fries. They were so incredibly moist yet surrounded in a nicely baked exterior. They melted in my mouth, only to fill it with the strong sweet potato presence.


After lunch/breakfast we headed back to the hotel where everyone except myself took a nap. I took a bath in the large tub in the hotel bathroom. Despite my firm stand against baths.

Around six pm I started to call the restaurant that I wanted to bring my family to. It was a Saturday night at 6 pm and I was asking for a table for 6 people. Even as I dialed I knew it was going to be a long shot. The man who answered preceded to leave me on hold for quite sometime before coming back on and saying “ahhh no. No no no I ah’ave no tables. No nothing ok.” Click.

He hung up on me. And this was basically the same response for the 7 more restaurants I called. Finally at 6:45 we decided to give up and just eat at the more casual restaurant in the Westin hotel. This ended up being The Mint.


I would highly recommend this restaurant, not necessarily for the food, which was really good; but more so for their cocktail list. They are incredibly expensive prices but worth it to try something new or to have a great glass of a classic drink.

I decided to pick from their Contraband Cocktails list, selecting the Mother’s Ruin.


Served in this adorable little tea cup, mothers ruin is made of Simpith gin, St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, Creme de Mure, Laird’s Apple Jack brandy, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup.

The Mint further delighted me by having a selection of “Nibbles” on which were buffalo wings. I had been craving buffalo wings for some reason all week and finally here they were! Along with my mushroom, blue cheese, balsamic tart I was a happy camper. Obviously I didn’t finish all this food myself, as the portion sizes, even off the Nibbles menu, were surprisingly large.


One day visiting Dublin and we have seen so much!….food…

Oh well, jet lag is no joke. I haven’t seen anyone beat it yet.